The Project

how can the energy transition succeed so that the environment is not further burdened with too much CO2 and we are supplied with renewable energy in a stable, sufficient and affordable way? Many answers to this are being developed within the framework of WindNODE (Wind Energy Northeast Germany), a funding program commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Economics.  [learn more]

The Facts

The energy structure in Germany and Nepal is very different – regardless of whether it is about the energy sources, the type and amount of energy consumption or the infrastructure. In Germany, most of the energy still comes from fossil fuels. In 2018, only 13.8% of primary energy consumption came from renewable energies. [learn more]

The Schools

ur project weeks in Nepal started in October 2019 in Kathmandu at the Pathsala School, a private school for which parents pay comparatively high amounts for the education of their children. It is an open, internationally oriented school. For our students (14-16 years), climate change and the energy transition were already topics in the classroom. [learn more]

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