Wechsle deine Perspektive. Streng dich an und produziere umweltfreundlich Energie und reduziere den Gebrauch energieintensiver Geräte. Unterstütze die Jungendbewegung gegen den Klimawandel und nutze dieses für dein Geschäft - wo immer es möglich ist. Sei kreativ - für dich und dein zukünftiges Wohlergehen!


Deepali, Nisha, Prarthana, Sami

Chris was an average mid-40 guy with an average life. He was happy with his life. He had all he needed. A beautiful wife, a happy family and a successful life. In fact, his boss had assigned him an important task to build an apartment house. This would bring a lot in his pocket and maybe he would be able to afford that new car.

Chris was sitting around when the doorbell rang. He opened the door to find two teenagers in his doorsteps. They were wearing green uniforms and had some  badges.Teenagers: Good morning Sir! We are members of “Youth Environment Program” and we are working on spreading awareness about the existing environmental problems .Chris let them in and they discussed the environmental problems and possible solutions. They concluded the discussion suggesting him to reduce the excessive use of appliances that are potentially harmful to the environment.

Chris went on with his life and paid their visit no mind. After all, they were teenagers. What do they know about environment and why all that nonsense?! Sipping the 1st cup of the day, Chris was reading the morning news. A particular headline caught his eye: “Forest fire threatens wildlife & human settlements”. While reading he found that pollution was the main  cause. He felt a bit guilty.

He went on with his day as usual and was noticing that his daily activities were not eco-friendly. He kept on feeling a sense of guilt. Driving home from work, his thoughts were going back to the teenagers. Maybe they were right…

After that day, he was actively making efforts to use eco-friendly energy. He started promoting the youth environment program and made suggestions, to reduce the use of excessive appliances. Chris converts to a more sustainable source of energy with solar installation and used renewable energy properly.